Ren Capital Global offers novice traders to open a demo account first, before using a real one, trading on which involves certain risks and requires well-developed trading skills. With such a training account, you will be able to get acquainted with the market, learn trading mechanisms and strategies.

Trading on a demo account means trading in real-time, but with virtual money; also, asset quotes in demo trading can differ slightly. Such a system allows you to learn the necessary basics without the risk of losing money.

Among the other advantages of demo trading:

  • introduction to MetaTrader 4 Web – the best software for financial trading;
  • possibility to learn technical and fundamental analysis;
  • development of your trading strategies.

Ren Capital Global allows its clients to open several demo accounts so that they are able to develop and test different trading strategies. We recommend our novice traders to pay due attention to this type of trading account as many successful gurus in financial trading began their careers with demo accounts.

You can easily open a demo account by clicking on the button below! Join Ren Capital Global and let us bring you to success!

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