Due to the fact that such assets as natural gas, coal, and crude oil are highly volatile and have good liquidity, they are an excellent type of instruments to make money on financial trading. Oil prices average fluctuations are 2-3 times higher than that of major currency pairs. One more important issue is that energy resources are super sensitive to political events and natural disasters, meaning their prices can be easily predicted.

There are two major types of energy resources:

  • fuels, including oil and gas, that are traded on commodity exchanges operating according to a particular schedule;
  • energy resources that are traded with the help of settlement futures and urgent spot contracts.

With Ren Capital Global, you have an opportunity to trade in contracts for the difference (CFD) in the value of assets. Also, our clients can trade in fractional lots, which is possible even with small capital.

Our professional assistance and high leverage at a rate of up to 1:100 will help you to make a good profit on this market.

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