For those clients, who aren’t ready to become traders, but want to earn on financial markets, Ren Capital Global offers an opportunity to get a profit via cooperation.

If you manage a blog or other Internet resource the main subject of which is finances or trade, we have an ideal offer for you. You can earn money by promoting our brand on your site. In fact, it can be any online resource allowing to attract clients to Ren Capital Global.

This partnership program is called Introducing Brokers (IB). We provide our partners with individual referral links and plenty of materials for the promotion of our brand. To become our introducing broker, you should:

  1. Register as a Ren Capital Global introducing broker.
  2. Discuss the most suitable form of cooperation with our manager.
  3. Receive a referral link and promo materials.
  4. Apply the received materials on your resource and start working.

After that, all users, who will register a trading account with Ren Capital Global through your resource will be assigned to you, and you will receive profit according to the terms of cooperation discussed before.

With Ren Capital Global, you can withdraw your profit from promo work every day. Moreover, we don’t charge any commissions for working in our system. For you to be able to control the process, we provide permanent access to the reports on work with clients.

Start profiting from the partnership with Ren Capital Global right now!

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